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Photovoltaic Solar Boiler heater heats water friendly, saves money and produces many other benefits.
 Basic diagram PV solar boiler


I made this application of photovoltaic because to heat water with the natural gas boiler in Italy has become expensive and also to reduce the maintenance costs of the natural gas boiler due to the very limestone present in Water .

With the boiler photovoltaic I zeroed costs of gas consumption and maintenance cost of the boiler because the PV boiler is a totally static solution , with no moving parts and therefore with high reliability. Also in the boiler photovoltaic there is limestone but its removal is a simple operation to do that does not require specialized personnel. 


How is build PV boiler

 I bought a standard 80 Liters electric boiler. I removed its electrical resistance and I applied another resistance that I designed and built by a specialized company .
 The new resistance is composed of two elements, one to be connected to the AC supply and the other to connect to the output of the PV panels. The supply of these two resistors is made through a control panel that drives the two switches in function of the water temperature of the boiler . The block diagram is shown in this below :

 photovoltaic solar boiler basic diagram

 How woks PSB

 The photovoltaic panels supply DC current into the resistance connection therewith and the water warms up if there there is sun.

 The AC Switch is still open, the water temperature rises to the limit value of 70- 80 degrees Celsius, exceeded this threshold DC switch is opened while the AC was already opened and remains open .

When there is no sun or when it fetches a high amount of water in a short time and the water temperature drops below 32 degrees centigrade it closes the AC switch and begin to flow current from the network towards the resistance. The temperature rises to 35 degrees Celsius then the AC switch open, the DC side switch is closed and remains closed .

 If it persists lack of sunshine or draw in a lot of water in a short time the water temperature remains between 32 and 35 degrees Celsius and energy continues to be drawn from the 220 volt AC grid.

When the sun return the water temperature rises above 35 degrees then the AC switch opens and DC switch is already closed then everything resumes as mentioned at the beginning.

This solution could also be used for areas where is not present electric AC grid. The control panel takes up to 20 watts to power the Switches so it could be powered by a lead acid battery and recharged by solar panels and create a heating system maintenance free because as mentioned above this solution can run many years without taking maintenance.

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Images of the Photovoltaic Solar Boiler

photovoltaic panels that power the boiler described in this site


Photovoltaic solar water heater with its control panel /

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