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Personal details


Name and Surname
Lorenzo Grassano
Place and date of birth
Milan (Italy) , 15th April 1980
Ronco Briantino (MI)
  • 1999 Surveyors Diploma, the Salesian Technical High School for surveyors, Treviglio (BG) (84/100).
  • 2005 Degree in Law.
Here are some of the exams I took at University:Private law foundations: 27/30
Criminal law: 27/30
Employment law: 29/30
Administrative law: 27/30
Taxation law: 27/30
Constitutional law: 27/30
  • Good English.
  • PC: Word, Excel, Email, internet: is managed by myself
Work experience
  • 1999 After getting my High school Diploma, I worked for a year for the ADECCO temporary work agency.
  • I have been doing my apprenticeship at a Milan law firm for 6 months.
  • Share, in quality' of legal , to television broadcast for the consumer's problems.
Professional aims
I am interested in doing my lawyer apprenticeship at a law firm specialising in both civil and criminal law.

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